Eunoia is a non-profit 501(c)(3) that was founded in 2016 by high school sophomore Grace Choi. It was created in effort to establish an organization that is a helping hand to teens in the local Sacramento community. She and a couple of her friends were the founding members of the not-for-profit that became an officially recognized non-profit in February 2017.

Eunoia strives to make the most difference in the local community it serves by helping underprivileged teens, and by helping other teens give back to the community.

Eunoia’s purpose is to address, educate, coordinate, and provide aid and relief to underprivileged teenagers in local communities across the US and to also assist other teenagers in making a difference by benefiting local community and charitable needs through means that include volunteering and other acts of service.

We provide clothes, food, school supplies, scholarships and other essential supplies to teens in the area and do so by reaching out by partnering with schools, libraries, hospitals, as well as other local nonprofits.

At the same time, Eunoia strives to have teens help other teens by volunteering and participating in acts of service that will benefit the community.

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