Our Executive Team

Grace Choi | Executive Director, Founder

*Note: Eunoia is currently in the process of recruiting and appointing new Board of Director members! Every member of our Board of Directors is also a part of the executive team!

Our Mira Loma High School Team

This spectacular group of high schoolers help lead the Mira Loma chapter of Eunoia!

Janelle Choi | President

Joyce Ro | Vice President

Chuer Yang | Secretary

Sofia Feliciano | Treasurer

Siddhartha Poddar | Public Relations

Our Granite Bay High School Team

This wonderful group of high schoolers help lead the Granite Bay chapter of Eunoia!

Swara Karke | President

Angel Rose Joshy | Vice President

Giselle Gutierrez| Secretary

Jia Pakhale | Treasurer

Amee Van| Public Relations Representative

Lin-Danh Pham | Fundraising Manager

Our Rio Americano High School Team

This excellent group of high schoolers help lead the Rio Americano chapter of Eunoia!

Jolie Bernard | President

Hannah Lee | Vice President